The hardest puzzle is now free!


This oldschool game is back by popular demand, but now it's free! I give you Loco 2.0. It is an even more impossibly hard puzzle than before. In this game, you only have 100 moves to complete the puzzle, and it begins with more blocks to clear. Can you solve the puzzle?


Clear all red blocks to win the puzzle. The puzzle's rules are simple, but with a little twist. You only have 100 moves. Each square you pick changes color, but also causes all the other squares around it to change as well, that is unless there is only three red squares. If there are only three red squares, the chosen squares will change and only the three red squares will be changed. There are several more rules, but those have to figured out by playing the puzzle. GOOD LUCK!


Work the puzzle's red squares into the corners. Do not haphazardly click. 100 clicks run out sooner than you would think.


Loco 2.0 is a freeware puzzle game.